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A Convenient And Secure Platform For Cash-free Mobile Payments And Customer Loyalty Programs

A Convenient and Secure Platform for Cash-free Mobile Payments and Customer Loyalty Programs

KIND Pay is our technology platform for cash-free mobile payments and customer loyalty programs.  KIND Pay integrates directly with our Agrisoft Seed to Sale software providing cannabis businesses with the ability to accept cash-free payments, and report on the transaction data needed to maintain compliance.

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Financial regulations at the federal level are severely limiting the growth of the cannabis industry. Without access to small business loans, credit lines, payment solutions, and qualified investors the industry cannot support its current growth and continue to launch new start-up ventures.

As pioneers of the financial cannabis industry, we have built an extensive network across the country with the biggest and most successful  organizations. Our team possesses a unique understanding of  the regulatory and interpersonal challenges for businesses operating within the cannabis industry.

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