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marijuana-business-conference-expo-chicago-orange border 316x165The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo has come a long way since it first started four years ago.  Not only does the conference get bigger each year with the number of attendees and exhibitors, but it is also held at increasingly notable venues.  From the first year being at a masonic lodge in Denver to this year being at the Hilton Chicago, this conference is proving to be a “must attend” with each passing year.  With over 2,100 attendees and over 160 exhibitors, the 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo was filled with people who are trying to make this industry as legitimate and successful as possible.

Cassandra Farrington, the person responsible for putting the conference together, is doing her part to bring together all parts of the industry to shed light on helping those try to make their businesses successful.  There were speakers talking about everything ranging from how to build a brand to the current banking situation.  With the industry being valued currently at $3 billion or more, as well as the number of jobs estimated around 60,000, it is clear that more attention needs to be paid to making the legal marijuana industry a legitimate one.

It will be interesting to see just how big the next Marijuana Business Conference and Expo gets, how big these businesses have grown and what new businesses have been created.  There is no question that this conference is valuable to all people trying to operate in this industry and the education and networking that are a part of this conference makes it even more noteworthy.

Read More about the 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in The Guardian’s article “Cannabis Eases Into a Billion-Dollar Business High” by Rupert Neate.

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