A compliance software platform to facilitate the cultivation, manufacturing, and point-of-sale process.

Unlike any other tracking system before it, our system is the most detailed solution created to be user friendly for the industry while creating 100 percent accountability and transparency for all levels of government. Experts in law enforcement, regulatory compliance, infused products, software development and data security have come together to build the most reliable and comprehensive tracking products. Documenting every facet of cannabis manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing while ensuring 100-percent accountability and a record for tax collection and remittance at all levels of government. The question of how to ensure accountability, safety, compliance, authorization, traceability, restricted access, and documentation is no longer in doubt. Agrisoft Seed to Sale is the answer.


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Software Based Solutions for Cannabis Businesses

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Core 1

RFID Module

Track individual plants through the grow cycle with Radio Frequency Identification in addition to the standard barcoding. Whether to meet a regulatory mandate or implemented optionally, RFID dramatically increases the speed of reconciliations and audits by removing the requirement to scan each plant individually. With increasing hardware integration levels, RFID can be used to track item proximity and directly track shelf or location ingress and egress as tagged items pass embedded stationary RFID readers.

Core 2

Physical Security

Biometric physical access control and camera systems integration. Review the security footage from a given PoS transaction, or work order. Lock and unlock restricted areas with authorized fingerprints. Track staff through entry and exit of secured area, and chart breadcrumb trails to analyze operations and ergonomics.

MIPS – Infused Products Manufacturing

  • Extraction
  • Ingredient
  • Recipe automation
  • Integrated precision scaling
  • Automate concentration adjustments in recipes to yield consistent products
  • Labeling
  • Inventory and storage, including aging and expiry
  • Procurement automation

Extended Cultivation Management

Take your cultivation efficiency to the next level with detailed agricultural management of environment and lighting, plant conditions and maintenance schedules, detailed cultivation task breakdowns, and reporting by detailed cross-sections, for example efficiency of electrical consumption versus harvest yields.

280E Tax Module

The 280E Tax module automatically imports inventory and cost data from your Agrisoft core system to enable you to use a simple, TurboTax-inspired web interface to advise your decisions about reporting income and expense based on IRS 280E’s rules for deductions associated with your licit cannabis bsiness.

Quickbooks Interface

Interface transaction records and other financial data with the most popular small-business financial management tool.

The core software provides everything you need to operate and automate your medical or retail cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and sales business.

Secure your data with biometric system logins for staff. Streamline, track, and verify key operations with integrated scales, barcodes, and system audit trails. Report on the efficiency of strains and conditions to analyze cultivation. Manage inventory from the back safe to the retail shelf, and handle transactions with patients and customers with a simple, touchscreen point-of-sale system.