Alaska Implements Recreational Marijuana
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Alaska recreational marijuana to take effect Tuesday 2/24/15

Alaska LandscapeBallot Measure 2, which was approved by Alaska voters in November of 2014, will take effect on Tuesday February 24th.  Beginning on that day, it will be legal in Alaska for someone 21 years of age or older to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, and it will be legally to privately consume marijuana.

Legally speaking this is a major change for the residents of Alaska, but the recreational industry in Alaska still has a few years to go before it is in full swing.  The regulations that will govern this new industry currently do not exist, and the Alaska legislature has until November 24th 2015 to adopt these new rules.  Dispensaries and other businesses in the industry will have plenty of time to develop their business plans, because the first licenses are not expected to be awarded until May 24th of 2016.

This is an incredibly exciting milestone for the residents of Alaska, but it is still just a step in the direction of reform.  For more on this legislation, see our post on the initiative here.

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