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It’s just over six months from election day and cannabis continues to take a lead role in the November ballots. It’s great to see established business people like Sean Parker (former Facebook President) leading the public charge for reform and compliance.
Across the world, cannabis legalization continues to move forward as well with Germany announcing it will legalize by 2017 and there has been several articles about the movement in Canada.  Read more about these topics and other news from around the cannabis industry by following the links below.

Published: 05.05.2016

California To Vote on Legalization

California’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and other supporters for cannabis legalization in the state will kick-off a campaign for voter approval of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act this Wednesday following news that a coalition including former Facebook President Sean Parker announced it has collected over 600,000 signatures, more than enough to qualify the initiative for a vote.Read the full article in the LA Times and tell us what you think on our Social Media Pages.


Germany to Legalize Medical Marijuana by 2017

The Federal Health Minister of Germany, Hermann Grohe, announced that the country will legalize medical marijuana next year.   Germany is just the latest in a number of countries moving to loosen laws regarding the use of marijuana including Australia, Chile, Uruguay, and our neighbors to the North in Canada.

Watch the video on CNN

More News From Around the Cannabis Industry:


Polling Data for Recreational Legalization in Key States – MJ Biz Daily Chart of the Week

Several key states are poised to vote on cannabis reform this November. This chart examines polling numbers in key states that could legalize medical or recreational marijuana in 2016.


A Look at the Future of the Cannabis Industry.

On Saturday April 30th, KIND participated in Philadelphia’s first major cannabis conference “Innovation and Technology in the Cannabis Industry” with local industry leaders, Greenhouse Ventures.

Read about the event and hear what the industry leaders had to say about its future.

Seniors and Marijuana

Can it really be true that so many older people nowadays will “Just Say Yes”? Yes to using marijuana, that is?
Watch the great coverage on CBS Sunday Morning News.

Cannabis Researcher Predicts Canada Poised to Become World Leader.

Canada continues to set new targets for marijuana reform.   Read the article about their plans.