KIND Seed >>> Payment - for the Canadian Cannabis Industry
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REDEFINING SEED TO SALE FOR THE CANADIAN CANNABIS INDUSTRY SEED TO SALE TRACKING AND PAYMENT PROCESSING Built Specifically for the Canadian Cannabis Industry Learn More Now Stable and Secure BANK SUPPORTED, BANK APPROVED PAYMENTS HOSTED SAFELY AND SECURELY BY MICROSOFT AZURE Schedule a Demo Monitor Cannabis Compliance FROM SEED >>> PAYMENT View the Features Manage Your Entire Cannabis Business From One Dashboard FROM SEED TO SALE AND THROUGH TO THE BANK Learn More Now

Redefining Seed to Sale for the Canadian Cannabis Industry -- Bank Approved, Bank Supported eCommerce, Payment Processing, and Banking Services

KIND Seed >>> Payment is a first-of-its-kind technology platform customized to address the top challenges Canadian Licensed Producers and Canadian cannabis businesses face everyday while running their operations.  KIND’s regulatory technology platform includes complete seed to sale tracking plus a fully-integrated eCommerce storefront and payment gateway enabling cannabis businesses to transact safely, transact securely, and remain in compliance.

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Monitor Your Entire Operation From One Platform

KIND Seed >>> Payment  provides cannabis businesses with enterprise level tools to facilitate cannabis cultivation, cannabis manufacturing and processing, the online point-of-sale process, lab testing and the production of marijuana infused products.   Manage your compliance needs all from one dashboard.

Track Compliance With Health Canada Regulations

Uniquely designed for the Canadian cannabis market, KIND Seed >>> Payment ensures Canadian Licensed Producers and cannabis-related businesses feel confident they are able to operate in compliance with the Canadian cannabis regulations for licensed producers imposed by Health Canada.

Conduct eCommerce Transactions With A Seamless Integration

Our platform includes a fully-integrated set of eCommerce and storefront features including complete inventory management, packaging and labeling, full customization capabilities, and inventory control across the platform.

Process Credit and Debit Card Payments

KIND Seed >>> Payment is the first seed to sale software with bank-supported, bank-approved payment processing.   so you can feel confident that your platform will be available when your customers need it.

Scale With KIND's Global Infrastructure

Your data is stored safely and securely in one of Microsoft Azure’s Data Centers across Canada.   With global reach, KIND’s platform can scale with your business operations.


KIND Seed >>> Payment is NOT currently available in the United States, but we’re working on it!

Manage Your Entire Cannabis Business From One Dashboard

KIND Seed >>> Payment was custom developed and designed to meet the unique needs of a cannabis-related business operating in Canada.  The KIND Technology Platform covers all aspects of the cannabis business life-cycle.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration With eCommerce and Payment Gateway
  • Client and Patient Management
  • Possession and Shipping Limit System
  • Robust Retail Reporting
  • Employee and Vendor Management
  • Location/Room/Shelf Management
  • Email and SMS Alerts
  • Complete Tax Management
  • Printing and Labeling
  • Shipping and Receiving Integrations

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User rights can be managed at the most granular level

KIND Seed to Payment provides a robust set of reporting options to provide insight across your organization.

Product details are entered into seed to sale with one-click sync to the eCommerce storefront.

The eCommerce dashboard provides a detailed overview of all eCommerce inventory and syncs with seed to sale data.

The eCommerce product dashboard provides a detailed look

Monitor Compliance, Accept Credit Cards, Manage Operations, and Secure Banking Services

KIND Seed >>> Payment is the only Seed to Payment platform enabling cannabis businesses to monitor compliance, accept credit card payments, manage operations, and gain access to stable banking services.  You can pick and choose which modules are the right fit for your needs to ensure operations run efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance.

Seed to Sale Tracking and Monitoring

We built the KIND Technology Platform from the ground up, working hand-in-hand with cannabis growers and producers to ensure KIND Seed >>> Payment meets the unique needs of cannabis businesses today.

Integrated eCommerce and Payment Gateway

A first of its KIND seed to sale platform with a fully-integrated eCommerce platform and a stable, secure, bank-supported and bank approved payment gateway to process transactions with confidence.

Government Reporting

KIND Seed >>> Payment tracks and stores the information you need for government reporting with a full audit trail of the key data required to analyze and manage cannabis compliance across your operation.

Banking Compliance Features

The KIND Technology Platform stores and tracks the data cannabis-businesses need to ensure complete transparency with financial institutions offering services to the cannabis industry.

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