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Measure 91, what does it mean to you?

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In November of 2014, Oregon voters approved Measure 91 by a 56% to 44% vote.  Measure 91 will legalize the possession, private use, and cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 and over beginning on July 1, 2015.  The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will be the agency that implements the terms of the initiative.  For more information on the status of the implementation, or the implications of the new law, see our Helpful Links below.

What is the projected revenue impact of marijuana legalization under Measure 91?

Measure 91 FAQ

The following has been taken from the Recreational Marijuana website

When will Measure 91 go into effect?

Starting July 1, 2015, Measure 91 allows the personal use and possession of recreational marijuana under Oregon law. Measure 91 requires OLCC to begin accepting license applications by January 4, 2016.

What impact does Measure 91 have on the current Medical Marijuana Program?


Where can I buy marijuana?

Marijuana will be available for purchase through retail stores. Measure 91 requires OLCC to begin accepting license applications by January 4, 2016.

How much marijuana can I have?

Beginning July 1, 2015; recreational marijuana users can possess up to eight (8) oz. of marijuana and four (4) plants per residence in Oregon. An individual can carry up to one (1) oz. in public (cannot consume in public).

Can I grow marijuana at home?

Yes, with limits. The act allows home grow of up to four (4) plants and eight (8) oz. per residence beginning July 1, 2015. Homegrown plants and product must be kept out of public view.

Can I smoke marijuana in public?

No. Marijuana cannot be smoked or used in a public place.

Can I take marijuana into Washington where they also allow recreational marijuana?

No. You can not take marijuana across state lines

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