David Dinenberg Interviewed on PRN's Green Power and Wellness Hour - KIND Financial
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KIND Financial’s Founder & CEO David Dinenberg interviewed on Green Power and Wellness Hour to discuss politics in the marijuana industry.

Radio Interview: Harvey Wasserman  |    Interviewed On:     May 12, 2016

PRN Radio Interview with David Dinenberg and Eric Sterling.

The Prospects & Business of Marijuana Legalization are center stage in Solartopia.

We talk with the great Eric Stirling, legendary long-time pioneer activist and founder of numerous key groups in the struggle to end pot prohibition.

We also speak with David Dinenberg, a founder of KIND Financial, a Los Angeles-based company providing “seed-to-market” services for the marijuana industry.

At the heart of the discussion is the question of how to navigate toward full legalization of an industry that is now illegal federally, legal for medical purposes in a number of states, and fully legal in others.  It’s also a schedule one drug where a number of insiders believe it’d be better to stay that way than to downscale to level two.

In other words, we look at a multi-billion-dollar industry with a wide range of unique and very high stakes challenges, ranging from mass incarceration to mass marketing and mass cash flow.

From a hot button political issue to a major financial entity, this is a fascinating case study in cultural transition.  Turn on, tune in and join the brave new world of legal pot.


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