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KIND Financial is proud to have Montel Williams join our board as a  key advisor on medical marijuana advocacy.

Montel Williams Joins KIND Financial Advisory Board

Celebrated television and radio talk show host and noted advocate for medical marijuana says “Compliance is the key. Regulation is the key. KIND has the roadmap for both.”

Los Angeles, CA – February 25, 2016 – KIND Financial, the leading financial technology solutions company in the cannabis industry today announced that Montel Williams, noted television and radio talk show host will join the board as a key advisor on medical marijuana advocacy. “Montel Williams has become one of the most high profile medical cannabis advocates in the country and he is also active in raising money for a variety of charitable organizations relating to veterans issues and multiple sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with in 1999.”

David Dinenberg, CEO of KIND Financial, said, “We are proud to have Montel on board, from the first time we spoke, it was clear that we share a similar vision that our business model holds the key to legalization – regulation, compliance and transparency. Montel has a proven track record advocating for these tenets – the same principals upon which we have built our business.”

KIND Financial’s technology platform provides tools focused on cannabis tracking and compliance for cultivators, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies in the cannabis industry. These solutions manage the entire cannabis business life-cycle ensuring that transactions are safe, secure and remain in compliance with the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing marijuana-related businesses with the federal guidelines set forth by FinCEN, the Cole Memorandums and related laws and regulations.

“The path forward nationally for the medical cannabis movement hinges on the ability to create a well regulated marketplace in new states, and history has taught us that the better regulated the proposed medical cannabis program, the more appealing it is to voters and legislators, and that’s why I’m proud to partner with KIND, which is at the forefront of medical cannabis compliance,” said Williams.

Dinenberg agrees as the genesis of KIND’s technologies were built upon stringent healthcare and banking compliance and regulation foundations, “For the industry to thrive, it must survive. To survive it must figure out a way to manage compliance – we’re never going to get to a Federal policy change without a great compliance record at the state level. That’s where KIND comes in. We believe our partnership with Montel Williams will steer toward a solution to make medical marijuana a viable solution for patients who really need it. No one has lived this and represented it better than him.”

Said Williams, “We know that the vast majority of voters support medical marijuana being made available to relieve the suffering of seriously ill Americans like me and so many others. What we also know is that voters want a well regulated marketplace – for this industry to expand, to help more patients, the movement needs to keep compliance at the forefront of our minds.”


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