How will the elections impact Marijuana Reform Laws?
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The politics of marijuana is a reality for the industry.  How will the candidates address it, and how will it affect the upcoming Super Tuesday elections?

Written by:  David Dinenberg    |    Published:     February 24, 2016

The Influence of Marijuana on the Super Tuesday Elections

As Super Tuesday fast approaches, I decided to take a look at the influence of marijuana on the voters in the “SEC” states. Most of the Super Tuesday states are historically RED states, and while that might be true today, many of these states are considering passing laws in favor of medical marijuana. Alabama, Georgia, Texas, are considering legislation. Others, such as, Vermont and Massachusetts already have medical marijuana and now are considering recreational. Of course, Alaska and Colorado have recreational use.

So, let’s look at the Republican’s first. Trump is leading in the polls in EVERY Super Tuesday state that has passed or is considering medical or recreational marijuana. Surprised? Mr. Trump is on record supporting states’ rights, while he doesn’t favor federal legalization, his pro States rights just might be enough to fend off his competitors. Rubio and Cruz are both against medical marijuana. I ask this question to the candidates, “How do you plan on winning an election that 58% of the voters disagree with you?” While I am not saying that the economy, protecting our homeland, as well as foreign policy are not as important for the voter to think about, I am saying that when we go to the voting booths in November, there is a chance that up to 20 states will have ballot initiatives for medical or recreational marijuana. How do they expect to have someone vote Yes on Marijuana and then vote for someone who doesn’t support marijuana?”

While the Democratic side of this is a much easier question to answer, as both Clinton and Sanders are in favor of states’ rights, Sanders has proven to be out in front on this issue federally, submitting the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act” in November 2015, and Sanders is leading in Mass and Vermont which are both considering recreational marijuana.

Overall, if the Republican’s really want to separate themselves from each other and continue to bring new voters, and younger voters out, marijuana just might be the ticket!

David Dinenberg, CEO Kind Financial



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