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Culture 2-5-15

Given the current positive swing in the overall public opinion of cannabis in this country, KindBanking is at the forefront of helping grow the financial infrastructure of this budding industry. Based in the Hollywood Hills, but spreading worldwide in the very near future, KindBanking seeks to provide a comprehensive financial solution for the legal cannabis industry. They plan to offer services like a global investment fund, cash storage and a KindCard for cashless transactions. KindBanking intends to fill the void that exists between the current banking institutions and the legal growing cannabis industry.

“KindBanking was founded to support and grow the present and future cannabis industry,” explains David Dinenberg, Founder and CEO of KindBanking. “Transparency, compliance and adaptability are our guiding principles. This foundation will enable KindBanking to help develop the landscape, resulting in a balanced and diversified, global cannabis market.”

Dinenberg continued to explain how KindBanking will provide financing to the underserved legal cannabis industry. This would finally allow people and their legal cannabis businesses to realize their full potential.

“Our utmost commitment is to tailoring comprehensive financial and business solutions to help each client meet their unique goals,” said Dinenberg. “Our goal is to provide a comprehensive financial solution for the legal cannabis industry.”

Taking a closer look at the products and services that KindBanking intends to launch when their full website launches later this month, KindBanking will offer services like a global investment fund, cash storage and a KindCard, for cashless transactions.

KindBanking has been targeting initial locations for cash storage businesses in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO. KindBanking intends to provide everything from armored car pick-up to delivery for the legal cannabis businesses. KindBanking intends to employ former military personnel to provide a secure environment for processing all of their cash transactions.

“KindBanking will have a reputation for accessibility, ease and excellence by showing the cannabis industry and the people fostering its growth, the courtesy and respect that they deserve. The knowledge, fluency and flexibility of KindBanking’s team of experts will help shape the standards of this industry.”

Dinenberg was asked if he had any words for CULTURE Magazine readers.

“We are a business founded with family values and believe that the American Dream is possible within the cannabis industry. Uniting our company and the cannabis community will bring both relief and growth, for the many people who have been ignored by the financial community. The services we offer will help build companies, create jobs and also heal our economy.

Cannabis is mainstream now, and we are proud to lead the way in our particular field. We urge all who are interested to please sign up on our website for the latest updates as we continue to build our company and the cannabis industry.”

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